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Lithocore embeds process improvement capability maturity models into every aspect of its business, in which everything is continuously evaluated, scrutinized, measured, analyzed and improved upon on a consistent basis. This includes management methodologies, strategies, innovative solutions, business plans, core business functions, capabilities, intellectual capital, colleagues, assets, project management, task execution, systems engineering and leadership.

Systems Engineering

Lithocore's Systems Engineering capability is based on strong technical skills and a comprehensive systems delivery approach. Quality and performance metrics are built into every project. Lithocore's Systems Engineers apply an innovative, iterative approach to the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) that ensures security is seamlessly integrated through every design spiral. Our capabilities include:

Cyber Security

Lithocore's cyber security subject matter experts help their clients to build secure cyber architectures by evaluating and prioritizing their needs and developing and implementing a robust solution. Lithocore ensures that its cyber solutions are interoperable and seamlessly integrated into the organizations infrastructure. Our capabilities include:

HIPAA/HITECH Security Rule Compliance

Lithocore guides and assists its clients with attaining and maintaining the required Information Assurance policies, security controls and information security mechanisms necessary for meeting HIPAA/HITECH Security Rule Compliancy. Lithocore implements NIST's Risk Management Framework to ensure that the information systems and networks employ the appropriate security mechanisms throughout the organization, and will meet HIPAA information systems security and privacy compliancy. Our capabilities include:

Strategy and Management Consulting

Lithocore's Strategy and Management consultants help their clients to define business objectives and the strategies necessary to achieve these objectives. By applying a systematic approach to the lifecycle business improvement model, Lithocore helps its customers continually assess, mature and grow their processes, people and client bases. Our capabilities include:

Research & Development Physical, Engineering & Life Sciences

Lithocore is committed to keeping in touch with emerging science and technologies by working with leading scientists and companies in various fields, and working with them on diverse research projects. Lithocore has participated in research and development projects including wireless technology and security, environmental cleanup and renewable and clean energy technologies.

Our capabilities include: